before i leave this blog again though let me just say i love you guys

like seriously

i went through some really dark times on this blog, especially the last few months i was active on it, and if you stuck with me through that i gotta say. you’re made of some special stuff. 

and you might like to know that i’m doing really well now. im in a good place and it’s wonderful. so if you’re having a tough time and everything feels like it’s crashing down on you? Keep going. Just keep going and going like the energizer bunny even when you feel like you’re completely out of batteries. because it’s gonna be worth it. and YOU are worth it.

i love you all


<3 Nacho

All right, I’ve officially moved blogs to a new account. This account is now on permanent hiatus.

It was nice knowing you guys. I’ll see you around.

A message from Anonymous
I'm writing a story and I decided to include an asexual character and it was really interesting to get into his mind and see the struggles he faced and how other characters reacted to him and it really helped me understand the asexual community better, especially because I had to do so much research.

okay that makes me really happy omg!!!!! wow

if you ever need help writing him for any reason or have questions about being asexual or something i;’d be happy to help!!!!!

A message from Anonymous
up until recently, i didn't have anything that instantly made me feel better when i watched/listened to it, but i found my favorite band of all time and theyve cheered me up more than anything ever has :D


i remember when I discovered Guster it was like i’d found the true music of my SOUL

it was so glorious

A message from slightlygreenish
A positive thing is that every night I fall asleep to my dog's snoring and it's so cute. And also you're pretty ace, too.

every night i fall asleep to my cat knocking stuff over. Less cute, but I still love her to bits.

and thank you yes i know i am the acest u<u

hey psst head’s up

I think i’ll be moving over to the new blog tomorrow, it’s all set up and i like how everything looks and feels about it

so keep an eye out for it tomorrow, I’ll be posting a link at least once

probably won’t keep the link up forever though! so yeah

A message from cuddlepunch
Positive thing: LizardTopz irl


A message from Anonymous
My favorite show right now is Teen Wolf, and my ship in that is Scisaac and their super cute! Their relationship would be nothing but emotional support and werewolf adventures! (Also my BFF is feeling better so he's been talking to me again! Yay!)

I don’t watch Teen Wolf but yay otps! Also yay for friends talking to you! That’s always really nice.

A message from Anonymous
uh well here's a happy story. a while back i showed an acquaintance of mine this youtube transcribed screencap because i felt like it was relevant and also kind of silly and now every day she references that picture and I always feel really happy because i love that picture a lot and she did too wow yeah

awwww! I love it when that happens it makes me feel really good

A message from eagleheadsoldier
i got a nice score on my ap exam

woooooo!!!! congrats!!!

A message from therealdealwithbillmcneal
POSITIVITY!: One time, My sister found $20 on the floor at a wal-mart. That was awesmoe...

When I was in middle school I lost 20 dollars in wal-mart but then someone found it and gave it back to me!!! it was really nice

let’s do a thing where you send me positive stuff


anon or not

  • tell me about something you love like your favorite show, character or pairing!
  • tell me about yourself or something nice that happened during your day!
  • tell me about someone you love, your crush or a tumblr user you admire!
  • you can compliment me, i’m not above fishing for compliments tbh
  • anything!!

and it could very well be the last chance i get to go there at least for a while

the baltimore aquarium is so expensive but i miss it so much and im gonna be in the area next w eek……… … . …